Whatsapp UPI Offer| Send Rs.1 & Get Rs.51 Cashback for 5 Times

Hello Guys, TechhGyani is welcoming you once again. I posted so many blogs about new offers and loot tricks,, I hope you read it and take the benefit of it. Again, I am back with the latest offer. In today’s blog, I am going to talk about Whatsapp UPI’s cashback offer. In their early days, Whatsapp was just a chatting application but now there are many new updates and features are available on Whatsapp and now you can send money or do any online transaction to any account. Whatsapp releases UPI features, and to promote this feature to their customer they release Whatsapp UPI Send Money Offer. According to the offer, one needs to send Rs.1 to any other Whatsapp UPI account and you will get Rs.51 instant cashback in your account. Moreover, you can activate this offer 5 times per account which means you can get a total of Rs.255. So guys, if you are interested in this offer, then just read this article till the end. Be with TechhGyani to know more about this offer.

Key Points To Remember about Whatsapp Send Money Offer

1. One can get Rs.51 cashback on sending money of Rs.1

2. The sender account must be on Whstapp Pay, UPI

3. Whatsapp users can activate this offer 5 times in a single account

4. One can get a total of Rs.255 in an account

5. This offer is account specific, before sending money must know if this offer is working on your Whatsapp UPI account or not

6. You have to pay 5 different accounts on each transaction to get rewards of Rs.51 on every transfer of money

Whatsapp Send Money Offer| How To Get Rs.51 Cashback on Money Transfer of Rs.1

1. On the very first steps, Download the Whatsapp App from the Play store

2. Install the application and do register your account by entering your current mobile number

3. Or, if you already have Whatsapp app, then Update it to the latest version of the App

4. After that, link your bank account to Whatsapp to activate WhatsApp UPI

5. Now, after linking your bank account with WhatsApp your UPI address will be created

6. Then, select any contact on Whatsapp to send money

7. Keep in mind,d the receiver UPI must be on Whatsapp only then you will get a reward

8. After that, make a click on the Send Money

9. There, you can see the Offer Banner like this

10. If this banner will appear on your screen then go for sending money

11. Just send Rs.1 to any Whatsapp UPI users

12. As you send Rs.1, instantly you will be rewarded with Rs.51 cashback amount

13. This amount will be credited to your account which you linked with Whatsapp UPI

14. Now, you can activate this offer 5 times per Whatsapp UPI account

15. You have a chance to earn Rs.255 money in your account

16. All Done! Enjoy Whatsapp UPI send money offer

Whatsapp UPI Features

Whatsapp is recently released send money platform, where they are providing a UPI address from which users can send money from one account to another. Whatsapp claimed that it is the most secure and easy-to-use Money transfer method. Moreover, they also release so many offers for the benefit of their users!

Final Lines

Dear Users, above I told you about Whatsapp UPI Send Money Offer, I hope you like this article very much. Please share this article with your friends and family members if you find it useful. See you soon with the new article, till then take care of yourself!

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