What is Phonepe Fake Payment ScreenShot Geneator| How To Identify

Hello Readers, recently on the internet you can see many websites are providing Phonepe Fake Payment Screenshot Generator methods, so many of you are using this Spoof Payment method. Generally, Phonepe fake Payment screenshot generator method is created for fun and entertainment purposes. To go a little prank with our friends we can use this fake Payment screenshot generator method. But, many users are using this method for fraud purposes. So, in this article, I will tell you all the details about Phonepe fake payment, how anyone generates this Fake Payment method, and how you can identify the difference between Phonepe Fake Payment and real Payment screenshots. So, guys, this article is gonna very informative, so if you also want to identify the difference between real and fake Payment then read this article till the end!

How To Identify the Differece Between Fake And Real Phonepe Payment Screenshot

Guys, it is very easy to identify the difference between Phonepe Fake Payment Screenshot and Real Payment. When anyone sends you a Phonepe Fake Payment screenshot then you just have to follow the given steps to identify the differences

  1. On the very first step, Open the Phonepe Application
  2. On the Homepage of the app, you just have to check the Payment history
  3. Now, you can see your Phonepe all transaction
  4. There, your credit and debit all transactions are there
  5. Just, check if there is any amount is credited to your account
  6. See, then details of that screenshot who is sent by another person
  7. If any Payment is made which is the same as mentioned in the screenshot, then the screenshot was real otherwise fake
  8. This is how you can identify the difference between Phonepe Fake payment and real payment

How Anyone Can Generate Phonepe Payment ScreenShot

Dear Users, there are two ways to generate a Phonepe Payment screenshot one real by paying the amount and taking a screenshot of it, and another method is the Fake Payment screenshot generator trick. Have a look at the process, how people are generating Phonepe fake payment screenshots!

  • Firstly, Go to the Phonepe Payment Screenshot Generator Offer Page
  • On the Generator Page, enter your transaction details like the name you want to show your fake payment screenshot, enter details like Name, Bank Account Number (Last 4 Digits), Transaction ID, Date, Time, Amount
  • Finally, tap on the ‘Submit’ button
  • After that, Fake Payment Screenshot is visible on your screen
  • Down that Screenshot by tapping on the ‘Download Image’
  • Done! this is how anyone can generate Phonepe Fake Payment screenshots
  • If you are using this method, then make sure to use this method only for fun and entertainment purposes!

How To Take Phonepe Real Payment ScreenShot

  1. First of all, Open the Phonepe App on your mobile
  2. On the Phonepe, click on the ‘History’
  3. There you can see your all transaction of the Phonepe
  4. Click on the Payment you want to take a screenshot
  5. Now, screenshot the payment with your mobile
  6. Finally, send that screenshot to the reciever
  7. Enjoy the Phonepe!
Final Words

Dear Users, I hope you enjoy reading TechhGyani articles. In this article, I tell you how to understand the difference between Phonepe Fake and real Payment. Also, I told you how to generate Phonepe Fake payment. If you have any questions regarding this article, then please comment down below the comment section. Thank You!

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