Ludo King Cheat Code 2021: How To Win Every Match Hack Tricks

Hello Guys, you are also a Ludo king lover? want to get to know the hack tips and tricks to win every match in Ludo king? then luckily you are in a right place. When we talk Ludo, then we remembered our old childhood days. But, now Ludo is back on trend again, not only this, now there is much application of Ludo game available on the internet by which on every winning match you will get real money. So, if you are looking for Ludo king cheat codes or hack tricks to win every match then do read this article, at last, I assure you after reading this article, you will be able to win every match in Ludo King.

Readers, many of you want to control dice to get 6 every time, may you want a hack trick to get crown in Ludo King then read this post at last. Stay Tuned with TechhGyani for more offers and tricks. Thank You for sharing your precious time with TechhGyani.

Basic Rules of Ludo King Game

  1. A player has 4 tokens, the player has to reach the tokens into the board
  2. When you get six 3 times, your chance get skipped
  3. When tokens are on the star you are safe
  4. One needs more than six to win the game

Features of Ludo King Mobile Game

  1. The most premium features of Ludo King is that you can chat with your opponent
  2. If you have not internet connection, then also you can play Ludo King offline
  3. Players can play the game all over the globe players
  4. In offline mode, users can pause the game anytime

How To Win Every Match in Ludo King: Hack Tips

Guys, here I give you some tips, if you are going to apply these tricks while playing ludo king, then this will increase your chance of winning.

4. Always Looking For Star Place

Dear users, as you know in Star, no one can cut your token, this is the best place for you. 7th place in Ludo king is the safest place. If your dice contain 6,1, then instantly move to the star place

3. Set A Plan & Create A Fielding

Guys, Ludo is not just a game of dice or tokens, I don’t think Ludo is a game of Luck, you need a good presence of mind for winning a game. Suppose, if the opponent player has their 1 token left, then your tokens are in that place where you can cut the tokens of the opponent.

2. When You Hit Maximum Number 6

Gamers, when you hit 6 it’s very important to utilize your score. It depends on your position in the game. If you are winning the game, then focus on winning the game, and if you are in a runner-up position then use this score to cut the token of the opponent.

  1. Make A Counter Attack

Patience is the key tool to win the game in the Ludo king, you must have to go with the probability. If you are winning the game then try to play safe and run away from opponent tokens.

Ludo King Dice Controller Hack: Roll Six Every Time

If you are looking for a dice controller hack trick then don’t waste your time. There is no hack trick that can give you a dice controller hack. But, in Ludo King I know about a glitch, by using this you can get six when you need. Keep in mind, when you get six in dice, then press the dice instantly without wasting a second, you can see you will get another six.

How To Avoid Six Thrice Time in Ludo King

Guys, I tell you how you can get 2 six in Ludo king. Now, to avoid 3 six in Ludo King, you have to wait at least 5 sec after 2 six, then hit the dice. See, you will not get 3rd six in dice.

Ludo King Mod Hack Apk

In this article, I tell you how to win every match in Ludo King. I think you don’t need any mod hack apk of Ludo King. Moreover, I also want to tell you there is no such hack app available on the internet. Guys, just follow the above steps to win every match.


Readers, by reading the above article, I assure you, you can able to win every matches. If you like our article then do comment your views. Subscribe Techh Gyani for more offers and related content. Thank You!

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