How To Earn Money From Google Maps Local Guide Job

Hello Guys, as you know we posting so many offers and earn money blogs for you. Once again TechhGyani is back with another informative article for you. I know you all are well known about Google Maps. Google Maps is an online application discovered by Google in which we can find the derived location road map and navigation. But, is that is the only use of Google Maps. No, guys if you don’t know I want to tell you that you can earn some real money in Google Maps. How? via Local Guide Jobs. Readers, there is Local Guide Jobs in Google Maps by which you just have to rate that place where you visited. Also, you have to write a genuine answer to some questions regarding that places. This is how you can make money from Google Maps. In this article, I will tell you to step by step process to earn money and to be eligible for Local Guide Jobs. Be with this article at last earn money online!

About Local Guide Jobs

Dear Users, Local Guide Jobs is a very easy method to earn money online. You just have to share your genuine rating to that place you visited and also you need to answer some questions related to tHat places. When you are doing so you will get some points. There is a point system for every rating and QnA. To be eligible for Local Guide Jobs in Google Map you just have to take part in it. Have a look at the given steps!

How To Earn Money from Google Map

1. On the Very first step, Download the Google Map App from the Play Store

2. Install the application and open it on your mobile

3. On the Menu of the App, click on ‘Your Contribution’

4. After that, make a click on the ‘Get Started’ button

5. Click on the ‘Next’ button and then tap on the ‘Join Now’ button

6. After that, you have to enter your City name

7. Now, make a click on Start

8. After completing all the above steps, you will be eligible to earn money via Local guide Job in Google Map

9. Now, you just have to review and popular cities and answer questions you will receive some points

10. All Done! Enjoy Local Guide Job

Googe Map Local Guide Job Points Table

Dear Users have a look at the points table of Local Guide Job!

How Can We Redeem Points on Google Map?

As you all know, there is a little bit of time to earn money from Google. Like that, when you reach Level 4 in Google Map(Local Guide job). Then you are able to access your income with the help of Google points, Badge, and jerk.

Final Lines

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